Saturday, November 5, 2011

10/29/11 - Pumpkin Carving

We finally did it.  We were able to find an evening before Halloween to carve the pumpkins!  Hooray!

Before we began.  We were carving pumpkins with Simpson's  Treehpuse of Horror playing in the background.

Daddy carved the biggest one. 

Nathan designed the face for the littlest one.  This is the pumpkin that they gave him at school.

 I carved Nathan's design and the other two smaller pumpkins.   I'd call it a success!

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  1. Those pumpkins are wonderful! I love how you were able to exactly cut Nathan's design -- and the witch Ritch did is amazing. I always wanted to be able to carve cool pumpkins, but I'm not that good with sharp things. There must be a secret to it! I finally gave up and just painted them.