Sunday, July 24, 2011

7/6/11 - Animal Week

Nathan's new pre-school has these fun and interesting themes for the summer weeks. They have special events at least once a week.  This week the rangers visited and brought some animals for the children to see.  This was not a day Nathan usually goes to school, but the school welcomes all students to come to special events with their parents even on their days off. I figured Nathan would really love to see the animals so off we went this morning for a visit.

The animals we saw were...let's see if I can remember:  a groundhog, 2 snakes, a red and a grey fox, a porcupine, an owl, and a spider.  Nathan's favorite was the snake that he got to touch at the end.

A collage of the animals we saw....except the grey fox.
And the photo of the day...Nathan's favorite part.

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  1. Wow -- I loved this post! What a fun day for the kids -- the animal pics are so cool -- and I just loved Nathan's face captured in the sea of children's faces. Glad you took him on a special day.