Sunday, July 24, 2011

7/11/11 - Tomato Sandwich

It's time....time to eat the first tomato.  I have always adored tomato sandwiches, so the first ripe tomato was destined to become one.  Well, actually, it became two.  Nathan seemed to enjoy the tomato sandwich almost as much as I did...which is strange because he has always claimed not to like tomatoes.  I guess the fact that we MADE this one went a long way towards his enjoyment of it.  He was just so amazed and excited that we could create something that wasn't there before.

Just wait til his sibling arrives. Haha...I hope he's just as amazed and excited then. 

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  1. It IS amazing how a seed -- or seedling -- gathers what it needs from soil and water and sun to create something beautiful, and delicious, like a vine-ripe tomato.