Sunday, July 24, 2011

7/16/11 - Saturday in the Park with Nathan

Today was one of those days where it was really really hard to pick just a few photos.  We headed to the park today where I lounged in the shade taking pictures while my dear husband entertained Nathan. 

A few of the day's highlights.

Who's having more fun?

I LOVE this capture.  How I got this, I don't know...but look at that mutual admiration. Beautiful.

Rich and Nathan literally raced all around the park.  I believe the end tally was Nathan 3 races Rich 1.  Here is Rich showing Nathan where they will race to.

This was taken shortly after the race that Nathan lost. It appears that Nathan is still a really sore loser. 

 Fortunately, Nathan got over it.  I was the point they were racing to in this shot.

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  1. What beautiful pictures on a beautiful day -- of a beautiful family! I love the one of them running to you. Can I pretend I was there too??