Tuesday, July 5, 2011

6/13/11 - Water Play

Still in Utah...Nathan is having the time of his life!  Today was a day spent mostly outdoors and around lots of water.  We went to two parks with water play areas for kids.  Nathan...fish that he is...was in heaven.  Here are a few of my favorite shots from the day.

The morning was spent at a local park that has a water pad free for public use.  How great is that!  Nathan just had a blast there.  It was virtually impossible to tear him away from the water.

Then we went to a spot in St. George where they have this neat little man made waterfall and river where the kids can play freely.  What a cool place!

Sadly, we got there rather late and they shut down the river at 9pm...BUT, all was not lost. They also had one of those fun "dancing" water fountains where the kids could play. That was open for another hour. Nathan and his cousins had a blast running from the now very chilly water.

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  1. That was a wonderful day with many nice adventures. It was Rich's birthday and earlier in the day I felt a little guilty for making you stay that one more day -- then the evening was so fun I didn't feel bad anymore.