Sunday, July 24, 2011

7/18/11 - Big Brother

I'll need to update this one with the photo once I figure out how to get it on the computer. 

Rich thought it would be a great idea to get a security camera for when the baby arrives.  It's a really nifty little camera that you can sign in to view from just about anywhere.  Rich will be able to check in while he's out of the house to see how the baby and I are doing. 

Rich got it now and has for the meantime installed it in Nathan's room.  This means that we can see Nathan up in his room from anywhere in the house.  He thinks it's hilarious.  Here is a photo I took while spying on my little boy.

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  1. Most mornings I take a break from working at about 10am, my time, so I can say "good morning" to Nathan -- and I have the program running on the computer, with the sound on, throughout the day so when he runs in to get his swim suit or take a nap, I can stop and say hello. Love story and song time in the evening and a chance to say goodnight. Thanks for sharing!!!