Tuesday, July 26, 2011

7/26/11 - F is for Favorite Flower

Perhaps I should have waited for H for this one....but I figured the two Fs trumped just one H.

I have always adored hydrangeas.  I used little potted hydrangeas as the centerpieces at my wedding.  I took one of them home and tried to keep it alive, but alas I think I killed it.  Thank goodness I'm better at marriage than I am at gardening.  This beautiful hydrangea isn't mine.  I can only manage white or blue and it appears my blooms may be done for the season.  I could have photographed the dried ones I have in the house, but instead I stepped out of the house and walked down to a neighbor's house for this shot.  So pretty.

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  1. So very pretty -- nice picture. At the Greenhouse and the house in Selma, there were hydrangeas that didn't bloom like "snowballs". The blooms were flat topped, with individual flowers hanging down around the edges. I investigated that and found the flat topped hydrangeas were fertile, and these snowball blooms were sterile. So considering our fear/allergy of bees, these are the better blooms for us. Besides, they are the prettiest!