Wednesday, February 9, 2011

2/9/11 - 103.09 Degrees

In the fever contest, I win topping out today at just above 103 degrees.  This was not a great day.  Fever, coughing, chills, aches....just plain sick.  Nathan was a pretty good boy for me.

Here is a terrible self portrait.  I had just woken up from falling asleep on the couch while watching tv.  Camera was right there, so I set the timer and grabbed a photo of the last of the sickies.  I looked to the side and noticed that Nathan had fallen asleep as well. 

These have not been retouched at all...I just plain don't have the energy. 


  1. I think you should have retouched yours and taken away the fever. I am so sorry you are all feeling so bad!!! Hopefully today is the last of it and tomorrow you will all feel better!

  2. hope you guys ALL feel better soon!