Monday, February 7, 2011

2/7/11 - Tin Foil Snowflakes

Poor Nathan is still feeling very sick, so today will be all restful activities.  He is still very feverish, but well enough to sit up for short amounts of time.  I found this sweet little snowflake craft on the entertaining and useful Frugal Family Fun Blog.

Nathan had some frustration ripping the tin doubt due to his not feeling well, but once that task was over he really enjoyed making his little snowflakes.

We're really big on letting Nathan help choose things lately, so he picked out the images I'm sharing today.

Nathan would like you to know that he's saying "poop" in this photo.

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  1. Beautiful snowflakes, Nathan! They look just like the big flakes that fell here the other day. I'm sorry you are sick, but glad you felt well enough to make the snowflakes and share them with us.