Tuesday, February 8, 2011

2/8/11 - Outbreak

Phew! I almost forgot to take today's picture!  Was sitting here and checking my e-mail before going up to bed, looked at the clock and realized...it's 10 o'clock and I haven't taken a picture today.

Today marks a milestone in the project.  I took just one photo today. Yup...just one. And in a moment you'll see why.

Nathan's fever is still there, but improving greatly.  Unfortunately, the illness has spread.  Today it hit the most unlikely of victims, my husband.  Yes, my husband who almost never gets sick.  Poor guy.  He was sacked with a fever and a sick 3 yr old while I was at work molding young musical minds.

So I remember I need a picture...and that I wanted to document the rare event that is my husband's illness.  I quickly grab the camera...glance at the settings and figure they're a good starting point. Then I point, click, and hear my dear sweet husband inform me that he doesn't want to be my picture today.  OOPS! Too late now.

My unwilling model. Think he'll forgive me? ......I made cookies!

  Oh, by the way, I'm next. Expect a not so beautiful self portrait of the sick me in a day or two.  Didn't I just get over a cold? DARN KIDS AND THEIR GERMY GERMS!


  1. An event in need of documentation. Hate that he is sick -- love the picture in some cruel, demented way.

  2. My son, my son!
    I wish i could be there with tofurkey soup and my shield to keep the world at bay. Sleep, sleep and sleep some more. They have to let you be.