Wednesday, February 16, 2011

2/14/11 - Happy Valentines Day

If you can call it that.  Nathan was a real jerk today. Sorry, Son...but you were.

I had lots of fun valentines activities planned, but you had something else in mind....being a demon child. We made cotton candy after your demanded to eat all of it.  You wanted to play Mario Cart, so I said, "okay..for a little while." You played while I made Daddy a valentines treat. Once Mario Cart was over, you were impossible.  I tried to play a game with threw all the pieces on the floor saying you didn't want to play.  I tried to put the pieces said "NO!  I wanna play!"  You "played" by throwing the pieces all around the room.  When I tried to take them away from hit me!!!!  (Nathan does NOT hit, so this is a huge deal!)  When I told you to go to time out, you hit me again!

Time out did not go well.  You wouldn't stay in time out, so I spent about 10 minutes picking you up and putting you back. Finally...for both our protection, I locked myself in my room saying I needed a time out.  You threw things at the door and screamed louder than I have ever heard any being on this earth scream.   You snapped.  After a few minutes of hearing you scream, I came out and helped you with your tantrum.  I told you to stomp your feet hard as you could, to hit the floor with your hands, and scream.   You did.  I asked if that helped you feel better and you said yes. You then stood up and put yourself in the time out spot.  You quietly had your time out. I guess you got it out of your system?

After time were a changed person. Sweet and loving as could be. You apologized and said you loved me and you were so sweet giving kisses and hugs and telling Mommy she would be okay.  We talked about hitting and you seemed to understand everything. You have been sugar sweet ever since.

Here you are enjoying one of Mommy's homemade lollies moments before Daddy came home.

Happy Valentines Day!


  1. I had a similar experience w/ my 9yo this Sunday. *sigh* I didn't have a room to go to time out though and I simmered under the surface for days. Good on you for shaking it off sooner. :+)

  2. Wow -- what a story! Glad you were both able to resolve it as well as you did and were able to get and share these lovely Valentine's pictures. Loved the heart lollypop -- and the really sweet face made me cry. Thanks for being such a good Mommy to my NayNay and teaching him so well. I miss you both.

  3. I think I should send The Love & Logic Institute a link to your blog. Jim Fay would be incredibly impressed with you. I know I am. You are an incredible mom and an amazing person. I wish I was as good. Love you, Sis.

  4. Thanks Sis...I have you to thank for giving us the book. It's such a great method.