Friday, February 18, 2011

2/18/11 - Kiwi for Dessert

I really wanted chocolate, but since there is none in the house...and it's raining cats and dogs out there...I made due with a lovely and tasty kiwi.  Kiwi is one of my very favorite fruits, probably among my top 5.  I adore it even though it causes me great physical pain to eat it.  I have a very benign condition called lingua geographica that causes some of my favorite foods to inflict great pain to my poor odd tongue. Pineapple, strawberries, tomatoes, bananas, and even potatoes....the list goes on.  I just eat until the pain is so bad that I have to take a break.  Sadly, even chocolate causes pain now and then.

But that's not the most fun part of this evening's kiwi dessert.  I sat there eating my kiwi and Nathan proclaimed that he does not like kiwi.  I said "are you sure" and offered him a taste.  He licked the strange looking green fruit on my spoon...then ate it and exclaimed..."I DO like it!" "I changed my mind...I do like kiwi"

Of course you do.  It's delicious!

Really poor picture of kiwi taken in just about the worst lighting possible.'s a photo.  I cranked the ISO up to 4000 for this shot. LOL!


  1. I DO, I like it Sam I Am! What a gorgeous picture! Making me hungry for Kiwi. Fortunately, I simply passed on that malady, do not suffer from it like you and your Aunt Cathy.

  2. MMMMM! those look so juicy and inviting!