Monday, February 28, 2011

2/27/11 - Session Snap

Had a great head shot session yesterday at my favorite location.  I love to go to this giant park very near my home.  Part of the park is a nature reserve with walking trails and a lake.  It's so lovely and peaceful.  I always like to shoot near the lake for the soft blue background I can get from the water.  While my client was looking through her bag to touch up her makeup, I started setting the exposure in my camera so we'd be ready to shoot as soon as she was done.

Exposure check: suddenly occurred to me...I can do my shot of the day!  I love shooting by the lake and just adore watching and listening to the birds in the background.  I quickly set my exposure and had enough time to quickly turn my dial to "P" and turn the camera to the side and snap this shot of the birds in the water. Quickly turned the dial back to "M" right when she was ready to go.  Sometimes it's good to have that P on the dial!

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  1. Beautiful -- I love the black and white. Glad you had another session and then thought to get this nice photo