Sunday, February 20, 2011

2/19/11 - Library

We had a pretty lazy day today.  Sat around most of the morning, but we did manage to get out to take Nathan to the library after his nap. 

Nathan is so cute at the library.  Since he's really starting to read well, he loves picking out the books and reading the titles.  He's so much like his Momma...he just plops down in the middle of the isle and reads a book.

I took TONS of adorable photos of him at the library and it was really hard to narrow them down.  Thankfully, Rich helped me pare it down to these four. 

A little collage.

And the official photo of the day.  I just love the studious look on his face.  I had a hard time picking between him reading and smiling and this one....but Rich and I agreed that the focused face wins.

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  1. Edited -- I liked them all! I like quiet time at the library too, because it is there that I get to catch up with the daily pic from the Carroll home. No fair, though. You gotta stop making me cry! I wish, I wish, I wish I had been there for that. Nope -- still here.