Sunday, January 4, 2015

1/4/15 - Stitches

This morning we were invited by some friends to go ice skating at a small outdoor rink in Burbank. I was so excited...Hooray!  Surely it will be easy to get a great photo for the 365 Blog at the ice rink! And it was.

The only shot I got of my 3 boys together.  They were zooming all over the place!

We were having a blast until Nathan fell of the little ice cart thing in front of Rich and Rich, unable to stop, skated over poor Nathan's fingers. I have no pictures of this.  At the time I was helping James skate...and by helping I mean holding him up completely as he let me drag his limp body along the ice.  Rich and Nathan were about 20 yards in front of us.  I saw that Nathan had fallen off the cart and was lying belly down on the ice.  I'm not one to panic when my kids fall, so I initially thought nothing of it.  Nathan falls all the time, I was sure he was fine...and then I saw the look on Rich's face.  Ah, yes, there's the panic!  I saw them reaching for Nathan's hand and I saw blood on the ice.  My first thought was that they had severed Nathan's I scooped up James and skated over to see, thankfully, that his fingers were attached but that there was blood EVERYWHERE!.

We took Nathan off the ice, and assessed the damage, yes, we would certainly have to go to Urgent Care and most likely get some stitches...Nathan's first.  Nathan started to experience mild shock.  The color drained from his face and he was just so weak.  We laid him down on a bench, comforted him telling him he was fine then got him in the car to get fixed.

Nathan was such a tears through the whole ordeal. 6 hours later Nathan was home and happy with 11 stitches. If you're squeamish you may not want to scroll through the rest of the photos.

Neither Rich nor I were willing to leave Nathan's side, so poor James had to wait too.  Thank goodness for the iPhone.

Sitting in the waiting room.  Nathan was amazing! He never once complained.

So cheerful....and patient. We waited a LONG time!
After the cut was finally cleaned and just before stitching.

The stitching in action.
Full disclosure, I did not take this photo (obviously!).  I was sitting to the side keeping James from running all over the room and bumping into the Dr. as she sewed up my boy.  We preferred to not have Nathan accidentally sewn to the table. Nathan was not at all squeamish and happily watched the doctor stitch him up.  Nathan has always been a pro at the doctor and today was no exception.  Now, James on the other hand.....let me just say, I'm really glad this didn't happen to James.


  1. Such an ordeal for everyone -- but it looks like it was the least hard on Nathan after all.

  2. The picture of the three of them is really cute - especially if you don't consider what happens next.