Tuesday, January 27, 2015

1/27/15 - Day 27 - Droopy

Poor Nathan has been enduring this cold for a long time now.  We suspect allergies, last year his eyes itched for months, we tried so many different eyedrops and nothing really worked, so we're off to the Doctor today to get something prescribed.

He looks so incredibly different with his eyes like this.  I told him he reminded me of Droopy, so we spent the morning watching old Droopy cartoons.
Nathan pretending to be sad.

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  1. It seems Nathan always has to pretend to be sad. Even when he is feeling rotten. What a wonderful boy! I kinda knows how he feels -- I've been droopy for a couple of days. Lots of sneezing and itching -- I must say, my face just hurts! Hope you are able to figure out why he get droopy now and then. I just have a head cold.