Monday, January 12, 2015

1/12/15 - Dr Visit for James

James was still acting much sleepier than usual today, so I decided to play it safe and take him to the Dr. this afternoon.  I always feel so guilty letting my sick kid touch anything in the Dr's office as we wait.  I can't help but imagine him spreading his germs all over the place and infecting others.  But, how can you keep an almost 3 yr old from touching everything?

Historically James has had a difficult time at the Dr's office.  He hates being poked and prodded, but it appears that he may finally be growing out of that. He was much more cooperative than usual and there were no tears. Best of all, the now gone fever, slight rash, upset tummy, lack of appetite, and sleepiness aren't due to more than some random virus.  Hazmat suite not necessary.  I'll try to stop feeling guilty about spreading his germs all over creation.

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  1. When you were a kid, our pediatrician had a drive up, of sorts. You parked in a carport, reported that you had arrived, and were called in by an intercom -- into a back door. This is if your child was infectious. If not, there was a nice waiting room with fish and books and well kids. Glad he isn't so very sick still.