Saturday, January 24, 2015

1/24/15 - Day 24 - Nightime Stroll

Rich proposed that we all go out for a walk this evening after dinner.  I was worried about walking around with the boys in the dark, but Rich insisted it would be fine and I agreed....begrudgingly. The kids brought their flashlights and had the best time.  James spent the majority of the time searching for sticks to pick up and Nathan spent the entire time dreaming up pretend scenarios of treasure hunts and monsters.  I spent the time trying to take nightime outdoor photographs...which I freely admit I'm not so great at! Rich spent the time being Super Daddy.

Here are my favorite captures from tonight.

I kept having Rich stop and "show the kids something" so that they would stand still enough for me to be able to take a picture. Night time photography is HARD!

Hey James, look at this flower. *snap snap snap snap*

James saw the moon and started singing "Moon Moon Moon" to it.  This had to be my favorite part of our time out. So sweet!

Found Orion and pointed it out to Nathan. Can't believe we were able to pick it out of the usually too bright Los Angeles sky.

Almost home and very tired.

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  1. Oh my goodness -- how I miss you all! What a wonderful evening for you and yours! The flowers are beautiful, and not frozen, I might add. I remember Rich teaching me about Orion in Nov 2003 at the Grand Canyon. Now I see the old warrior and his belt and sword readily and think of Rich every time.