Monday, January 26, 2015

1/26/15 - Day 26 - Official 3 Yr Old Photos

I usually like to do this on my boy's actual birthday, but yesterday was just way too crazy, there just wasn't any time to do it, so I put it of until today. 

This was the first time I've taken James to my favorite spot.  I took Nathan to this exact same location for his 3rd birthday photographs years ago.  I promise the number of pictures I share will decrease again soon. It's can I be expected to choose just one of these????

James had so much fun playing peekaboo with me in the old cabin here.  I have some great peekaboo pictures of Nathan from this spot as well, it's great, each one really captures their specific personality.  This is so very James!

More Peekaboo.
James was definitely there to play.  He looked at the camera now and again, but as far as he was concerned the real purpose of the day was the climbing, throwing rocks, getting dirty, and playing.

I guess I must have known there was a river here, but somehow I never thought to explore it.  There is a lovely little green grassy bank down to a river.  The river itself wasn't so picturesque, but James refused to remain on the grassy bank.  He had to throw rocks and sticks into the river.

The trick to getting James to smile is to ask him if he likes stinky poopy. Now you know.

By the end, James was a really good sport about having his picture taken.  He'd run, sit, I'd take a picture, then he'd run to me and hug me HARD, then run back...over and over.  I got so many cute shots while he was doing that.  He thought it was the funniest game ever and loved looking at the pictures.

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  1. He looked at the camera enough -- letting you get some perfect James photos. Love the story about him being a good sport and checking out the pics and giving hugs. He invented the great game!