Saturday, December 31, 2011

12/31/11 - Day 365

Well, it's over.  Today is the final day of this project and I'm pretty thrilled to be finished.  Of course I will continue to take photos....probably lots of them, but I'm glad that the obligation is ending.  I learned so much doing this project and when I look back at the photos I can see that I've grown as a photographer a lot....much more than I thought I had.  It has been quite a year and it is a wonderful gift to be able to look back at each day.  The project has made each day stand out in my mind.  It's amazing how something like this can make you stop and take notice of the little things in life. 

For the last photo, I thought it fitting to share my constant partner this year.  I didn't use this guy for every photo, but this combo was used for the vast majority of them.  My trusty Canon 5D Mark II and the little 50mm 1.4 lens.

Thanks to everyone who read the blog or even viewed it once or twice.  A special thanks to those who encouraged me along the way.  I really appreciated the sweet comments everyone made. 

Fun facts: My 2011 photo folder has 9138 photos in it.   December has the most photos with 1398.  June (the month I suffered with the worst of morning sickness) has the fewest with only 298.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do with the blog.....keep it here, start fresh when the baby comes.  The nice thing is I don't have to know just yet.   For now I begin the long process of trying to turn this blog into a photo book.  Here's hoping I can get it done before the baby arrives. 

Thanks again!


  1. Thank you, trusty Canon 5D Mark II, for being my daughter's loyal companion over this past year and into the future. Thank you for helping me see the world as she sees it.

  2. Awesome. I have loved it, and will miss the peek into your life. (Hopefully, if not 365, at least still once in a while? :) Congratulations on doing it--that really is a big deal. These photos will make a priceless keepsake for your family.