Monday, December 19, 2011

12/7/11 - Holiday Mantle

I have officially begun the decorating process. The mantel has had a few of the decorations for a few days now, but today I added the lights. I just adore Christmastime. There is no more lovely feeling than sitting at home with the family, sipping hot chocolate and enjoying the warm glow from Christmas lights. Perfection!


  1. I put my big lighted wreath in my stair-landing window. My only homage to Christmas this year. Year before last, I put it on your veranda. I miss doing that, but enjoy seeing it in my window. Last year it was in storage. Next year I'll decorate a little more. And if anyone ever came to Corning for Christmas, I'd go all out! But for now, I spend Christmas away with family. Brooke's this year again.

  2. That is BEAUTIFUL. Perfection! ps. I'm obviously catching up on your old posts before 365 ends! lol:)