Friday, August 5, 2011

8/4/11 - O is for OH MY GOODNESS!

Nathan finished every bite of his dinner.  I take this as a huge sign of success.  We have been struggling for some time to get Nathan to eat more than a few bites of his dinner.  We used to use the promise of dessert to entice Nathan to try new worked great for a while but then it backfired.  About a week ago I was sitting at dinner with Nathan with some really tasty food....just the kind of food Nathan would love...and all he was concerned about was how much did he have to eat to get dessert. It finally clicked.  Maybe the reason Nathan never wants to eat is that he's saving room for dessert. So, I made a decision. No more dessert. Ever. It doesn't matter how much of your food you eat, there will be no dessert.

You can imagine the tears that announcement elicited. I told him I am not denying him of all sweets, we just aren't going to have them after dinner any more. He will have his sweets after his naptime. I talked with him how it was okay to be sad, but I wasn't going to change my mind.  It only took a few days for Nathan to start eating more and more of his food....and tonight, he ate it all!  He ate all his ravioli.  He ate all his veggies...and he didn't ask for dessert.


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  1. Oh My Goodness! Yay Nathan -- Yay Mommy! Good thinking, Amber, and good sticking to your guns and solving the problem. Looks like it was delicious!