Wednesday, August 31, 2011

8/16/11 - Happy 8th Anniversary to Us

Today marks 8 years since Rich and I were married.  We have many anniversary traditions, a few of which were short changed this year.

Usual Traditions:

1. We purchase gifts from the traditional or modern anniversary gift list for the proper anniversary year.
2. I always buy a new dress to wear at dinner and wear at least one piece of the jewelry I made for my wedding day.
3. We always eat dinner farther North than we had the previous year. I hope one day we will be dining in Alaska!
4. We always have the waiter take a photo of us at dinner...I always sit on the left hand side of that photo and rich is always on the right.....this is to stay consistent to the way we sat for dinner at our wedding.
5. We always go see a movie about the disillusionment of marriage. 

In the name of frugality we abstained from numbers 1 and 3 this year (bummer!).  We did however observe the rest of our traditions.  For number 2, I purchased my new oh so fancy maternity dress at Target.  For number 4, you can see our waiter's photo below.  I made the mistake one year of trying to let the waiter use my DSLR to take our photo....never again! This one was with my iPhone.  For number 5, this year's movie was "Crazy, Stupid, Love".  The film, while much tamer than our usual pick, fitted the criteria perfectly.

Today's official photo is of my wedding jewelry.  I have an allergy to nickel and an allergy to spending too much money. So when I just couldn't find any jewelry that was both silver, had pearls, and was subtle I decided I'd make my own jewelry to wear on my wedding day.  This photo is of my necklace.  I also made earrings (one of which is missing...GRRRR!) and a bracelet. 

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  1. I love it all -- I love the post, I love the picture, I love remembering your wedding, I love the traditions, I love the jewelry -- I still have both of the earrings you made for me for your wedding. I love you and Rich and that someday you'll be dining in Alaska -- or maybe Maine or Nova Scotia.