Friday, August 5, 2011

8/3/11 - N is for Nap

Nathan was a real stinker today.  I was so close to finally finishing up those wedding photos, so after spending an hour playing with Nathan I sat down at the computer working furiously trying to get them done.  I told Nathan he should go play so that he wouldn't be so bored while I tried to finish.  He didn't.  He sat right there next to me....talking...wiggling....distracting. 

I told Nathan that I'd get done a lot faster if he went and played by himself for a while.  He complained that he was too cold and wanted to sit behind me in the chair to get warm.  I told him he could solve his problem of being cold by either putting on warmer clothes or going downstairs and laying under a blanket.  He didn't like that answer very much...but after going through those choices several times he finally decided to go downstairs under the blanket and sob.  He cried for maybe a minute and a half....then it got very silent. Really really silent.  My little boy had fallen asleep.  It is very rare for Nathan to sleep anywhere other than his bed...I must have really tuckered him out playing with him earlier in the day. 

It occurred to me as I finished my work that "nap" is a pretty darn good N word.  So...

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  1. N is also for Nathan. Looks like a sweet boy to