Tuesday, June 9, 2015

6/9'15 - Day 160 - Money

This is such a dumb picture. I remember deciding to take it. I actually fretted over the legality of taking this shot...is it legal to take a photograph of money? Then I thought, well, if I only take a picture of part of it, that should be fine right?  Whatever.  This is a $20 bill that we got for selling some of the stuff that we "Konmaried". 


  1. You're fine, Amber. You actually complied with several of the conditions. "Generally, reproductions must not be easily confused with legal currency. Some of the most common conditions are (not all apply to every country):

    Size - smaller or larger than original, the amount varies by country
    Color - black & white reproductions only or the use of distinctly different colors from original
    One-side - reproductions cannot be double-sided
    Surface Area - only a certain percentage of the overall surface of one side of the bill may be depicted
    Orientation - currency must be at an angle within the illustration
    Labeling - placing the word "Specimen" or "Sample" across the illustration
    Material - some types of reproductions can only be placed on materials that are not paper or paper-like
    Permission - in some countries you must request permission in writing before reproducing banknotes in advertising or for educational purposes." So there you go!