Sunday, June 28, 2015

6/28/15 - Day 179 - Trinkets

We were given the opportunity to keep some of Grandma's things. Our family has worked hard to eliminate excess 'things" from our life, so I tried to be very selective about the things I took wanting to be sure that the things I brought home would be used often.  Here are two of the things of Grandma's that I brought home. 

A little crystal star and these little clear and green marbles. I was sure the boys would enjoy playing with the marbles on their marble track and I had been looking for a while for something little to keep by my bedside for my rings. This little star fit the bill perfectly.

Upon bringing them home, they both were immediately put to use. The little marbles made such a charming little chime every time they landed in the star. I'm sure such activity would have put a smile on Grandma's face.

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  1. Why, yes, Grandma would indeed smile. A beautiful homage to her love of all things shiny and tinkly.