Thursday, June 11, 2015

6/11/15 - Day 162 - Review in Venice

This has become somewhat of a yearly tradition for me and Nathan.  My company's office is in Venice, so when school is out and I have to have my performance review, I have to bring Nathan. Poor boy has to wait, but afterwards, we're right there, by Venice Beach.  So, this year I was prepared. We had our scooters, a backpack with towels and sunblock, etc...and a free afternoon. We had so much fun scootering (without helmets OOPS!) all over the place. Nathan even got to pick out a fun souvenir for the day.

Bobble Head Nathan

Cheers! It's lunchtime.

Look at that kid climb!

Sometimes that iPhone takes a decent picture. This kid is crazy enough to go into that cold water! I was happy to sit and watch him.

Nathan invented a game where he kept feeding the ocean. What does the ocean eat? Well, sand, obviously.

The little souvenir that Nathan finally settled on.

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  1. Well, if you are going to scooter without a helmet, Lawless Venice is the place to do it! It looks like you had a very special afternoon and celebrated an excellent performance review I'm sure.