Wednesday, March 4, 2015

3/4/15 - Day 63 - Clarified Butter

Rich is still on this crazy Whole 30 diet, which means that though I mock him for it I also want to support him in it and try to make things as easy as possible for him.  So, because dairy is completely out of the question, traditional butter is not allowed.  This can make things a bit boring.  However, though butter is off limits, if you remove the milk solids from the butter and use just the fat, you're good to go.  I'd been wanting to try to make clarified butter for quite some time, so Rich's ridiculous and arbitrary dietary restrictions of this month have given me the push I needed to give it a shot. I'm so glad it did. Making clarified butter is fun, and easy, and cooking with clarified butter is amazing!

And because a picture of clarified butter cooling isn't very exciting, I give you my cooking partner, ever by my side and probably pulling on my pants leg each step of the way is James.  King of..."I wanna see!". 

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  1. The picture of clarified butter is pretty -- bright yellow against white -- but I agree, a picture of James is much more exciting!