Thursday, March 19, 2015

3/19/15 - Day 78 - Full Heart

Sitting here in late December, looking back at all the photos from the year, I quickly and easily recognize that the photo for today was done last minute, after forgetting about the project until the end of the day. I clearly just grabbed my phone for a quick photo...likely not having the energy or the inclination to go get the "real" camera. But I adore this shot.

This is a shot of the winding down time before bed. The scene here is pretty typical. James ends up playing with the phone most nights at this time...he's too rambunctious to manage otherwise. Rich is reclined with the boys...and Nathan is in heaven with his Daddy.  Next to this photo in Lightroom is a delightful video of Rich speaking in silly voices and Nathan laughing so very hard...the kind of laughter that might make one have an accident. Oh, how I love these people....and this photo which captured this magical time, not only of the night, but of our lives.

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  1. So touched by your beautiful commentary on this photo. I am happy that you are so content and filled with love with this image of your family.